Engaging in therapy takes a starting point in the client's desire to get help with specific problems in the past, present or future life. Therapy can also be based on a more general desire for a profound personal development and a wish for changing inappropriate patterns. Or a desire to gain insight into how past experiences takes place in the present life.


A course of therapy may also be a part of professional and / or managerial development of personal skills and competences.


We offer shorter or longer courses of therapy. Depending on the problem and the desired outcome therapy can consist of few sessions, weekly or monthly conversations over a longer period of time or it may be a long psychoanalytic psychotherapy course with 1-2 weekly sessions lasting 45 min.


The fee will vary depending on the length and frequency. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding price and purpose.


We do not have agreement with Danish Health Insurance


Bonnerup and Hasselager was established in 2011. The cooperation has grown steadily over the years and has evolved through writing literature , solving consultancy , training in Master in Organisational Psychology and especially sparring and professional opponent in problem solving. i Organisationspsykologi og ikke mindst sparring og fagligt modspil i løsning af opgaver.

From 2012 cooperation formalized through the establishment of " Bonnerup and Hasselager Organisational Psychology".