Organisations consist of groups or teams. They are communities that carry out work, relational networks, and units with their own psychological processes and culture. Bonnerup & Hasselager assists groups for processes of variable length, where there is a need to develop the collaboration


Bonnerup & Hasselager has many years of experience with the development of management teams, and in managing complex development processes where many people are involved, for example development seminars for entire departments or organisations. We focus on learning, meaningfulness and involvement.

Bonnerup and Hasselager was established in 2011. The cooperation has grown steadily over the years and has evolved through writing literature , solving consultancy , training in Master in Organisational Psychology and especially sparring and professional opponent in problem solving. i Organisationspsykologi og ikke mindst sparring og fagligt modspil i løsning af opgaver.

From 2012 cooperation formalized through the establishment of " Bonnerup and Hasselager Organisational Psychology".