The wish for coaching or supervision can arise from a general desire for development or from a specific need. During the sessions, we focus on separating individual and organisational issues, seeing the connections between them, and finding new opportunities for action.

A specific need could be a wish for

  • Understanding and developing relations
  • Coping with inner or outer pressure
  • Understanding emotional reactions as fear, anger, envy
  • Handling difficult and stressful situations and periods
  • Finding and handling ones role and tasks 

A more general desire for development could be a wish for

  • Having a “sounding board” as a room for development or during a difficult time,
  • Finding and developing own resources and potentials


Teams and groups might also have a wish for coaching. It can be a specific wish for developing the relational competences in the group, handling pressures and difficult situations, solving conflicts, or a more general wish for a sounding board or finding and developing resources and competences. 


Team coaching and supervision is targeted at people who work together, for example a couple of managers, or management groups. It can also be a project group focusing on interaction and collaboration, or a group with a specific project to carry out in an organisation.


Supervision of psychologists
Bonnerup and Hasselager supervises psychologists, individually or as a group, as a part of their authorization from Danish Supervisory Board of Psychological Practice. We are both authorized as supervisors and specialists in organisational psychology.