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The primary task is in the center of organizational change processes. Organizations are full of emotions, which contain important information about the opportunities, challenges, problems and dilemmas of current issues. We are attentive to to creating a setting that supports working with feelings in a task relevant direction

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Bonnerup and Hasselager is a consulting company that has many years of experience in assisting public and private organizations, groups and individuals in the organization psychological change and development processes.

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Birgitte Bonnerup and Annemette Hasselager are both cand. psych. aut. Specialists and supervisors in organizational psychology.


Annemette Hasselager and Birgitte Bonnerup are currently working on a new book adressing two important and in our opinion underexposed emotions in organisations: Love and loneliness. The working title is ”Love and Loneliness in Organisations”. The book will be published in 2017. 


The Chair for ISPSO
Birgitte Bonnerup will be the Chair for ISPSOs international Annual Meeting in Copenhagen in July 2017. The theme will be: ”Dreams always take place. Places, rooms and furniture inside and around us.”